Training Band

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School children marching with sousaphone playing band member

Our training band exists to facilitate members of the community who have an interest in becoming accomplished brass musicians able to take a place in our Performance Band.

Participants in the training band may have little or no musical experience, or may have played an instrument in the past and now be keen to start playing again, but need a gentle re-introduction to music performance.

The music used in this band can be structured in such a way that a mixture of experience levels and age groups can play at their individual level of ability, yet also work very closely together in producing enjoyable music.

This is a pressure free environment where everyone is an individual. As well as the director of this group, there are several members of our performance band who provide a core of trainers able to help each new member fit into the group.

A guiding principle of this group is that while we are all there to learn, music must be fun, and must be enjoyable to listen to.


Training band is on Tuesday nights from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.


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